Sjælsmark final


‘Sjælsmark matr. nr. 17a’

340×150 cm

Canvas, string, charcoal


Agamben asks: what is a camp?

Today, cloaked with a euphamism, is must be asked: what is a center?

Sjælsmark is a center. A deportationcenter. Denmark. Rejected by the danish nationalstate, denied citizenship, denied refuge, the reject still awaits here, in a center whose cadastre (No. 17a) meanwhile physicalle marks the legal line drawn between the citizen and the non-citizen. The center is an innner periferi, an internal marginalization. Enclosed exclusion, enfolded in the state itself. It is a border, the limit of civic existence, which conture outlines the image of the wished composition of the organism of the nationalstate. Tracing it, an image kept abstract by political discourse, becomes manifest, allowing actual rendering. The center is the place where the laws defining the human and thus organic constitution of the state becomes visible, the place where a fundamental legal distinction between people and citizens becomes visible by the property lines cutting across the geographical, made concrete by the bureaucratic and infrastructual nervelanes of the state. By these legal lines the state unfolds – and so it’s image must be drawn.

A literal translation of the name Sjælsmark is Field of souls.